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A Messenger on Christmas Eve

All quiet on the downtown front! On a quiet day we had a nice visit from Jack Miller, the last of the Telegram Messengers in Hawaii. He worked for ITT World Communications up until 1976 and rode a Honda. He said one of his co-workers rode a Harley, which often wouldn’t start. Another rode a BMW R60 with Earles forks. He himself has had a CZ at one time, and a Penton. He liked that Maico, too, and said he was hoping to find a Honda Passport he could buy to scoot around Sacramento, where he lives. Good luck on that one! We do have a couple of them on display with great stories to go with them.


Thanks for visiting, Jack!

Adventure Travel Talk: If we were 50 years younger…

Some 40 people enjoyed a pair of lively presentations Sun., March 20. One, by Chris Piland of Pacific Grove, detailed his 70-day trip across the United States and back on his Honda Passport. Chris has been following Ed March of the UK, who has put more than 110,000 miles on his little Honda, and brought a slide-and-video show of his travels from Malaysia to the USA. They met in New York! Look for the bikes in the album below. We’ll do it again, it was so much fun._MG_1612 _MG_1609 _MG_1607 _MG_1606 _MG_1602 _MG_1601 _MG_1599 _MG_1598 _MG_1597 _MG_1596 _MG_1594 _MG_1593 _MG_1592 _MG_1591 _MG_1590 _MG_1589 _MG_1588 _MG_1587 _MG_1586 _MG_1585 _MG_1582 _MG_1580 _MG_1579 _MG_1578 _MG_1576 _MG_1575

Dennis Hiramatsu’s Mustang




Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Hiramatsu came by the Museum from Winters, CA, and brought photos of his personal Mustang. He and his dad restored this 1949 Mustang Model 2 “when he was a kid.” He sold the Mustang to a neighbor (so it hasn’t gone far). I sold a motorcycle once, Dennis, and was so sorry that I never sold another — and you see what happened! I have a real live Mustang on the floor here. Dennis bought the 2013 CSC Mustang to honor his dad. It’s the one on the left in the photo of both bikes.

Talk about an iron butt…

Jeff Stoehler is from Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada. He’s riding his Suzuki DR650 to Ushuaia, Argentina, the End of the World — the tip of Tierra del Fuego. jeff stoehler

Brave man, Jeff. I had to tell him that when I was in Ushuaia, the only motorcycles that had made it that far (that I saw) were BMWs. Jeff was with Liza Miller of Re-cycle Garage (Santa Cruz, CA). I’m sure she’d set him up if the bike let him down. We wish him all the best!

jeff stoehler and Liza Miller

Teaching young bucks old tricks

My grandson, Russell Hayes, came by today on his Buell with his friend Winston Yeung in tow (figuratively) on his Hayabusa. They spent a good part of the afternoon here, and are now thinking seriously about a sidecar, having tried on the BMW/Jawa rig for size. They went off in search of seafood for lunch and set the seagulls squawking.

Russell, Winston, the Buell and the Hayabusa

Russell, Winston, the Buell and the Hayabusa