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New at the Museum

Usually this heading refers to bikes. Well, there IS a bike, but this posting is to introduce Peter Walker who is our new intern. He’ll be at the Museum every Saturday, soaking up all the information he can about vintage motorcycles. He’s a computer science major at CSUMB and is helping with our website and sale/trade program to help us upgrade the collection.

The bike, by the way, is a Kawasaki Ninja 300.

Peter and his Kawasai Ninja 300

Peter and his Kawasai Ninja 300

Chapter 63 (Hollister) Legion Riders

Came for a visit after their breakfast ride this morning, 01/03/15. It was a perfect day!

Four Corners Motorcycle Club Visits

foursome mc club

They chose one of Pacific Grove’s outstanding autumn days to visit the Motorcycle Museum, and though they scattered here and there to eat breakfast and check out the shops, we gathered enough of them together to take a quick picture. There are nearly 800 members in this San Jose group! Great people, and an interesting club! Check them out online at and there are some pictures on the website of their visit.

Craig Vetter

Craig Vetter, a legend for his fairings and aerodynamic designs — including the Terraplane sidecar — came by on a prototype scooter. He says he won’t be improving it, that it’s perfection as it sits. And who are we to argue with him? See his accomplishments at


The Carter Family

Matt, Ashley, and their daughter, Daisy, came down from Vacaville with Ashley’s parents to visit the Aquarium and the Motorcycle Museum. They got Passports at Iron Steed in Vacaville and got them stamped by Yours Truly, there photobombing in front of the Museum.

Santa Cruz Vespa Club visits the Museum May, 2013

Steve and Jennifer Rossi

Steve and Jennifer Rossi, local folks, came by the Museum today on a brand new gunmetal gray Vespa. Old sailors such as I am like that color!