1913 Harley Davidson Belt Drive

Another example of “You never know when a blind pig will find an acorn if he keeps his nose to the ground.” We were hanging around the Museum last weekend, swappin’ lies and tellin’ stories…And this guy drove up in a truck with a 1913 Harley-Davidson belt drive. He was looking for a climate-controlled space in which to display it and we have just such a space. It has been great fun having it here and we hope it gets to stay for a long time and that he’ll bring more bikes from his collection. In the meantime, come see it — along with the 1957 Triumph, 1949 Vincent Rapide, 1936 Rudge, and 1930 Harley-Davidson. There’s also a 1958 Triumph “bathtub” which you may have noticed before.

1913 harley-Davidson belt drive

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