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Foodie Camp (with recipes and pictures)

When I was a kid, I never got to go to camp like some people remember doing. When we went camping, it involved putting an old mattress in the back of Dad’s truck and sleeping under the stars, usually at Arroyo Seco. A weekend adventure for this farm boy raised in Aromas was to go to Pacific Grove to see Uncle Dick at the Pt. Pinos Lighthouse, though he was retired by then. One of the guys at school bragged about church camp, but when you go to a two-room school out in the country, odds are none of your friends went to Boy Scout Camp let alone Nature Camp.

Nobody ever heard of Foodie Camp.

Asilomar’s Harvest Camp for Foodies has got to be the most under-advertised, food-filled, relaxing self improvement weekend I ever heard of. Al Saxe talked us into going, having attended the last one a few months ago himself, so Her Editorness and I hiked the few blocks down to Asilomar and turned ourselves over to the chefs and sous chefs and various experts on hand to learn all about autumn harvest cooking. Where else, for $175, are you going to get two dinners, two breakfasts, a lunch, and at least five cooking lessons at a facility like the incomparable Asilomar? Oh, and an apron, a Victorinix boning knife and a corkscrew to take home, not to mention an apple pie and a pumpkin pie, freshly baked, with your own fingerprints in the crust?

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